What is a Structural Shift?

What is a Structural Shift?

While we understand that no one will have perfect structure, we also realize that there is a normal range. Similar methods are used to recognize high blood pressure or high cholesterol by utilizing scientifically established normal ranges. These established normal ranges are almost everywhere you look. Next time you are in your car look at your dash board. If something was abnormal how would you know? Fortunately, a light would come on to alert you that something is out of the normal range. This is because your car’s computer has been programmed with the normal ranges and when something moves outside of that range the computer triggers an alert in the form of a light on your dash.

Your body uses a very similar method to alert you when something is abnormal. Unfortunately we do not have a dash board with lights to tell us what is wrong, but our body CAN tell us that something is wrong before it becomes absolutely catastrophic. The body will present with a multitude of symptoms to warn us something is abnormal and that we better correct the problem to avoid catastrophe. When a Structural Shift occurs in the spine, it commonly appears as a multitude of symptoms. These symptoms or what we call Secondary Conditions, alert you that there is something abnormal with your body. You can look at these secondary conditions as if they are the dash board lights in your car. When something goes wrong with your car, do you just turn off the dash board lights? We certainly hope not, and we absolutely would not want you to only correct the Secondary Conditions that you are currently suffering with. Hopefully you want to fix the problem that is causing the dash lights/ Secondary Conditions. That problem could be a Structural Shift of the spine. This is why at Kingwater Chiropractic we focus on correcting the primary Structural Shift because we know that secondary conditions are typically just like the dash lights in your car.

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Jeramy Freeman

I just wanted to write you a letter of thanks. As you know I live a very active lifestyle. I have been a professional in three different sports, bodybuilding, extreme dodgeball, and put-put golf. I’ve broken bench press records, Won strongman events and pushed my body to its limits. Over the years I have been to many chiropractors. In that time I’ve never encountered an individual with the knowledge of the workings of the human body and also a sincere passion for helping people as you. On numerous occasions I have been in rough shape and needed your assistance not only in the areas of spinal adjustment but also muscle strains, pulls, joint pain and list goes on. Many times you would get me in when I didn't even have an appointment. I’ve always left your office feeling better than when I came in. You are great at what you do! I have always and will continue to recommended you to anyone who is suffering with an injury or has pain.Thank you for making a difference.

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