Our Services

Advanced technology, continuing our education, and being at the forefront of the latest techniques, is how we provide quality service that changes our patients lives.

Kingwater Chiropractic is using many resources such as advancing our technology, updating our methods, and using good caring philosophy to increase the wellbeing and health of our patients. Below is a list of our services.

Our Treatment Goals for Success

More Advanced Services and Techniques

back pain

Massage Therapy

• Myofascial Release Technique
• Hydro Massage

Body Pain

Physical Therapy

• Intersegmental Traction

• Trigger Point Therapy
• Hot/Cold Therapy
• Electronic Muscle Stimulation


Nutritional Therapy

• Diet and Nutrition Consultation

• Vitamins available


Diagnostic Imaging

• Static and Dynamic EMG used to detect areas of imbalance or injury.


Foot Care

• Sport Specific Pelvic Stabilizing Orthotics


Rehabilitation/Exercise Assistance

• Personal Fitness Training

• Postural Balancing

Can't find what you're looking for?
We are always updating our services and techniques so if you don't see something you're looking for please call and ask one of our patient care advisors.

Ask us anything, you'll be glad you did. 315-768-8284

Jeramy Freeman

I just wanted to write you a letter of thanks. As you know I live a very active lifestyle. I have been a professional in three different sports, bodybuilding, extreme dodgeball, and put-put golf. I’ve broken bench press records, Won strongman events and pushed my body to its limits. Over the years I have been to many chiropractors. In that time I’ve never encountered an individual with the knowledge of the workings of the human body and also a sincere passion for helping people as you. On numerous occasions I have been in rough shape and needed your assistance not only in the areas of spinal adjustment but also muscle strains, pulls, joint pain and list goes on. Many times you would get me in when I didn't even have an appointment. I’ve always left your office feeling better than when I came in. You are great at what you do! I have always and will continue to recommended you to anyone who is suffering with an injury or has pain.Thank you for making a difference.

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